Tissot Opens A Specialty Store In Moscow’s Famous Gum Department Store

Tissot store opened in the famous and luxurious GUM department store in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and this market means far to Tissot. In this department store that attracts more than 50,000 tourists every day, Tissot has a unique geographical location. The building is as old and historic as the Tissot brand, and has been built for more than 120 years. Tissot has come to Russia more than 120 years ago, and has also designed special pocket watches with Tsarist sculptures for the Russian tsars and their ministers. Russia was one of Tissot’s main markets in the early days. Therefore, the opening of the Tissot store in Russia is a great honour, as this country has contributed to the success of Tissot, further making it a familiar global brand today. Tissot store at GUM
     Tissot store is perfectly integrated into the luxurious decoration style of GUM department store. Its store design conveys the brand’s values, and gives a luxurious but approachable feel, without losing traditional and modern flavor. When shoppers step into the Tissot store, there will be several watch showcases, from pocket watches to memorable classic watches, dazzling, and you will also see Tissot’s high-tech Touch series.