Variety Strap: Entanglement Of The Wrist

Women love fashion watches, love her colorful and ever-changing, love her fashionable avant-garde and decorative. This season’s fashion watch made a strap article, jumping candy-colored double-layer lingering, super long multi-level straps tied around the wrist, fun strap replacement and free combination, and directly become wrist decorations Bracelet type. This summer, the ever-changing watchband has completely replaced other accessories, and has become a wrist-based artwork that integrates fashion, practicality and fashion.
Oxette green double ring strap + oversized gold dial
Clearly colored with animal-like patterns, it crosses around the wrist. The oversized gold dial with a fine double-layered strap, shiny Roman numerals and Arabic numerals dance in the center of the dial.
Jumping Jelly Double Circle
Band characteristics: Jumping jelly color double circle design
Clear jelly colors, exquisite earrings decoration, and high-heeled water heels with contrasting effects, echoing the watch in color, let you be an eye-catching fashionable girl this summer.
After adding the elegant charm in the elements of the bracelet to the inspiration of the watch design, the new 俪 媛 series composes the summer atmosphere with more jumping and gorgeous colors. Straps made of smooth solid plastic and silicone are doubled in length and can be wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet.
Coolness level Strong aura
Band characteristics: Multi-layered winding
Tommy Hilfiger black extra long strap + rectangular delicate dial
Irregular multilayer black straps are wrapped around the wrist, delicate and sexy. Bundled art plus delicately designed rectangular dial, clean two-point digital design, black and white collision, elegant atmosphere.
The beautiful printed skirt is stitched with a long sense of long yarn, and the simple, sleeveless shirt is not only contrasted in material, but also unified and harmonious in color. The black and white multi-layered watch adds a powerful aura to the whole dress, and wildness and toughness coexist.
B ck extent Roman shoe series Multi-level white strap + minimalist elegant dial
60 ~ 65mm long multi-layered white straps create a sense of urban relaxation, and they are as elegant as ballet shoes. The large, simple dial with a slightly rough taste reveals a modern, neutral and feminine trend.
替换 Fun replacement games
Band characteristics: Multiple replacement and combination forms
自由 Gucci dial ring and strap freely replace each other
I have to say that this is like a ‘toy’ that children love. From the dial circle to the entire strap, you can freely match and replace as you like. The straps and dial circles of different materials are combined together like a game. An elegant dial of 27mm polished satin-polished stainless steel with a leapfrog leather, stainless steel bracelet with a studded digital scale and a stylish attitude. The most attractive thing to say is its freely replaceable three-color strap, making the Lingni series a master of decoration on the wrist.
Pink and satin print top, with multi-color decorative waist chain, using a royal blue chain bag to collide with colors, increasing visual impact. The interchangeable straps with rich colors and the free combination of multi-materials and multi-forms make fashion collocations skyrocketing.
Gorgeous style on the wrist
Band characteristics: Be like a bracelet as a bracelet
Guess Bracelet with Gold and Gemstones
The square dial is inlaid in a gold bracelet, and the streamlined letter LOGO crosses the entire body with a shining diamond. You say that she is a watch, it is better to say that she is a beautifully carved wrist art. The interlocking metal and leather strap are linked together, the exquisite dial wrapped in leather, the texture of leather, the texture of metal and the clean and elegant dial perfectly blend together, like a retro bracelet to take us into time city.
The golden bracelet watch can completely replace other wrist accessories, golden gorgeous one-shoulder dress, golden sexy pointed shoes, earrings with fragrant flowers, the elegant charm of women is lingering and sublimation.