Watches Like ‘wrist’ See What Watches Politicians Wear

Mitt Romney is aggressive, and Barack Obama is step by step. This long-running ‘wrist-wrestling’ contest will run until the first Tuesday in November, with the winners dominating the White House for the next four years. Four years ago, Obama’s wristwatch, which was priced at more than $ 300, won him a lot of attention. Four years have passed, and Romney has a lot to learn-a Republican candidate’s right wrist, wearing a black fashion watch, sells for only $ 170. To borrow a comment from a netizen on watchseek of the American Watch Forum: For a six-something presidential candidate, a weird choice …
Perhaps for a politician, a watch is just like a “wrist”. In fact, 2012 is a truly global election year. In addition to the ongoing US elections, about 20 countries, including France, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Venezuela, have completed or are about to undergo the highest power change. Interestingly, the choice of politicians for watches not only fully reflects their personality, but even clearly conveys the character of a country and nation.
Obama Romney ‘pretending to be poor’
Jorg Gray6500
Let us return to the United States. During his four years in the White House, Obama has been wearing that Jorg Gray6500 watch in public. This quartz watch currently sells for about $ 350. However, this watch may just be another ‘political wrist’.
From the mid-1990s to the end of 2007, Obama, a Senator from Illinois, has always been in love with the TAG Heuer 1500 series of two-color diving watches. He can be seen wearing a TAG Heuer on his wrist in many photos. Sporty character. However, in the presidential race with McCain that year, he frequently appeared when he rolled up his sleeves and became Jorg Gray6500. It is said that this watch was a birthday present given to him by his subordinates in 2007. As a result, Obama strengthened the image of the people, and Jorg Gray6500 became the best-selling watch in the US market in 4 years.
In this year’s election, Obama still wore this watch, but found that his opponent was already prepared. When Romney made frequent appearances wearing a $ 170 NIXON Private watch, the American public might be as surprised as Obama: The Republican presidential candidate is a partner and former CEO of Bain Capital. About $ 200 million.

TAG Heuer link
This may also be the ‘wrist’. Because before the election began, photos showed that Romney was wearing another watch. But what kind of watch, because of the pictures, even the closest American netizen is unsure: Some people say it is a new Tag Heuer Link Lincoln chronograph, some people say it is a Seiko SKA, and some people say it is Citizen . But overall, it’s still more pro-people. This may also be a tradition in the American political world-Bush Jr.’s watch is even more ‘greedy’ than Austria and Luo. It is a $ 50 Timex Indiglo. (Coincidentally, in the 2000 election, both Bush and rival Gore wore watches of this brand, which led to Timeline launching a famous advertising copy during the election: ‘Whoever wins, the last four years of Timeline’)
‘U.S. officials and dignitaries always disguised themselves as having no money, and forgot Palin’s $ 150,000 line (trouble her)? If Romney wore $ 20,000 on his wrist, then It will be a big storm! ‘On the watchseek forum, netizen gouverneur said,’ This is in the United States, not Britain or France. ‘

Hollande Naive Putin High Profile
Indeed, the situation in France is quite different. Their former president, Sarkozy, is a well-known luxury watch enthusiast and even got the pseudonym ‘President Kim Chan Chan.’ Sarkozy wore a Patek Philippe when he was running this year. It was a gift from the former First Lady Bruni in 2008, worth 55,000 euros.
Patek Philippe
    Sarkozy also owns Girard Perregaux’s 1966 million calendar astronomical time difference watch, about $ 50,000. It is said that Sarkozy owns several Rolex watches and particularly likes the heavy Rolex Daytona series (selling more than $ 100,000).

Rolex Daytona
However, in the context of the economic downturn, the romantic French gradually could not bear Sarkozy’s luxury. This year’s election, Sarkozy was defeated by Hollande and handed over the keys to the Elysee Palace.
Compared to Sarkozy, Hollande is the other extreme of the French. He lives extremely simple, wearing a Swatch that costs $ 150. Interestingly, during this year’s election, Hollande took Swatch on his wrist off the table and watched the time during a lunch with reporters. At the same time, Sarkozy was at a public rally. Picking up his Patek Philippe and putting it in his pocket to prevent losing it-this contrast also became a hot talk in France at the time. It is worth mentioning that in another romantic European country, there is also a watch master like Sarkozy: former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s Vacheron Constantin Vacheron, valued up to 540,000 US dollars!
Compared with the low-key simplicity of Americans, the French are free and unrestrained, and another country that successfully completed the transfer of power in 2012 presents a completely different landscape.

In Russia, Putin and Medvedev’s ‘two-person transfer’ was performed as promised, and Putin returned to the throne of the president without a doubt. The supreme power is also brewing the supremacy. The Russian opposition found that Putin has 11 world-class watches, including Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Gold Watch, Patek Philippe Calatrava Gold Watch, Blancpain Aqualung Limited Edition Watch, Blancpain Leman Flyback Lover Flyback Watch, Breguet Marine Marine Watch, etc. These watches total a value of about $ 700,000.

Updated: 26. June 2020 — 16:05
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