Zhenlishi Flagship Love And Happy Watch Passing Happiness To Women

El Primeo 4021G automatic winding movement. Price: 54700 yuan
 The Zenith El Primero love happy chronograph white mother-of-pearl dial with a happy design and a small heart-shaped second hand will surely impress you. The undulating Roman numerals on the dial are beautiful and charming.
 In fact, when a woman asks you about Zhenli’s happiness, Blancpain’s ‘Three Flowers’ or Breguet’s Queen of Naples, she may not really know how deep her watch is. It is more likely that she occasionally heard others say it, because the names of these styles are happy and romantic, so she was very impressed.
 Just as women like to collect roses but don’t like to plant roses. The most important meaning of happiness and joy is to show off to others, not to own. Once they wear these watches in their hands, it is as if they have a better grasp of life and say ‘happy’ names, and then pass on the happiness. As for the meaning of these watches, you can gradually appreciate them in the years to come.

Updated: 15. February 2021 — 1:37
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